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Apps I Like: I Want to Be a Pirate

I have several (read: at least fifty) interactive storybooks for my iPod Touch and one of my very favorites is I Want to Be a Pirate by Genera Interactive. Why do I like it? The artwork is superb, the animation is clever and lively, and the music adds to the experience without being a distraction.

I admit it’s not exactly a story per se–it’s several pages of reasons why the little boy shown in each screen wants to be a pirate. But in spite of the fact that there’s no plot to speak of, I (and my two girls) return to it again and again. The interactive ‘hot spots’ are fun and feature cute sound effects. As a bonus, the page turning navigation is unique among apps and follows the pirate theme.

This video trailer shows the entire Touchy Books catalog, and I Want to Be a Pirate is just one story among all of these (I downloaded the stand-alone app for just the pirate book). Get yours here–it’s only a couple of bucks!