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Create Video Lessons With Belkin Stage Pro

I have been messing around lately with Belkin’s Stage Pro, an iOS app that allows you to create KAS (Khan Academy Style) video lessons using the iPad. I first found out about the app at an education conference months ago, but only recently have I had the time to create some videos with it.

I was able to import my own graphic from the Photos gallery (in this case, of the grid with the three blocks shaded in blue), then draw and make notes over it while talking. I’ve been using a set of earbuds with a built-in mic (the basic Apple variety), which produces much better sound than the iPad’s microphone alone.

I was delighted to discover today how to place and move objects around, which was perfect for a little kindergarten lesson about cardinality:

Stage Pro actually uses the device’s camera for the background–so you could set the iPad up on a stand and record virtually anything, and deliver your own voiceover and on-screen notes. I’ve been getting (and wanting) a black background because I’ve been keeping my iPad sleeve closed over the camera for the lessons I’ve been working on.

I just noticed that Belkin is running a FREE promo right now on Stage Pro–I spent $5 on mine back in January, but you can get it FREE until July 4! Go and try it out now!

Apps I Like: MathGirl Number Garden

MathGirl Number Garden is one of those apps I encountered first as the Lite version, then loved so much I had to pay for the full app. This is a counting app where you select the number corresponding to the quantity of items shown as fast as you can. You’ll be rewarded with stars, which you can then use to buy flowers and other items you can use to decorate your own garden!

There is so much joy inherent in this app, your daughter won’t even notice she’s learning math skills. Plus, you may find (as I did) that you keep coming back yourself to beat your last score! There are several levels that are appropriate for elementary school kids on up–it’s addictive and fun.

The video above is the official app trailer. Get MathGirl Number Garden in the App Store: only two dollars!