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Apps I Like: iWriteWords

A few months ago I downloaded the Lite (free) version of the Global Dinamika Informatika app iWriteWords and was so impressed, I bought the full version right away. Why do I like this app? Mostly because it just makes learning fun. It’s a handwriting practice app where the user is guided by a cute little crab who squeaks when you lead him off the numbered track. In the full version, kids can choose from writing numbers, uppercase letters, lowercase letters and a selection of short words in either uppercase or lowercase letters.

When a word is written correctly, the letters are spoken back, then the word is spoken and the user is rewarded with a cute kid-drawn picture and a ‘good job!’ or ‘excellent!’ I love how the completed letters get ‘sucked’ down a virtual hole–you can tilt the device to run the characters ‘down the drain.’

I have tested this app with both my two girls (4 and 5 years old) as well as a 6-year old student I tutor. All were delighted with it and were disappointed when ‘playtime’ was over. I find my girls returning to this one on their own during their free iPod time.

Here’s the app trailer, for those who have not yet discovered this one. Try out the Lite version here, and snag the full version here.