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Apps I Like: Dragon Checkers by Storyboy

Dragon Checkers for the iPad

I got Dragon Checkers several months before I was able to try it out (because it’s iPad only). It was one of the first apps I installed when the new iPad2 arrived. Turns out it was worth the wait! This fantastic variation on the old favorite checkers game is a real gem. Play against a human opponent or the computer, and choose a dragon champion at the onset who will represent you on the board.

The dragons featured in the game come from the All About Dragons story app (also from Storyboy), so I guess you could call Dragon Checkers an app tie-in. All About Dragons was already one of my family’s favorite story apps, so being able to enjoy some of the same artwork and listen to the same background music and sound effects in Dragon Checkers is a real treat.

The game includes extras like an Undo button, a character highlight (so you know whose turn it is) and my very favorite: ROAR buttons on each side, which can be pressed at any point during the game. My daughter and I use these right after capturing pieces, to communicate supremacy and domination. This makes the staid game of checkers so much more fun to play.

Since this was my first board game app for the iPad2 (well, except for Scrabble which I’d bought within minutes of setting up the iPad) it took a couple of matches before I started realizing some of the huge benefits to board game apps on the iPad: no pieces to lose, no cheating (the game won’t let you make an illegal move) and the ability to stop the game and resume it later, without having to recreate the placement of all the pieces. This is just another reason I love well-made apps on the iPad!

For two bucks you can’t buy a better checkers app. Go get Dragon Checkers, and play with someone you love today! ROAR!