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New Toy: the Jot Mini Stylus

JotMiniLook what came in the mail today, straight from the sale page at ThinkGeek: a brand-new Jot Mini stylus, regularly $20+, bought by me for only five bucks. Thanks, ThinkGeek! Apparently propellerheads don’t like the color red, but I do. Looks like they’re sold out of the discounted red ones–I guess I got lucky.

The stylus I’d been using was one of those generic touch-screen things bought off the rack at Office Depot, with a tip about the same size as the top of my little finger. That’s right, no real precision. So you can imagine I was pretty eager to take the Jot for a test spin.

Within five minutes, I became completely spoiled. I’ll never go back to that gigantic stylus again, at least when I want to draw. Here are a couple of quick sketches I did today, using the Paper by 53 app.

Train by Brooks Jones

Train Over Hill

Cartoon Steve by Brooks Jones

Cartoon Steve

By the way, if there’s anyone listening from the development team working on Paper by 53, I have a humble suggestion for you. I’ve tried all the other major drawing/sketching programs out there, and nothing compares to the pen tool in Paper. Add layers and I’ll be happy forever, pretty please?

Here’s one last drawing I did with the new stylus tonight:

After The Game by Brooks Jones

After The Game

Can you tell I’m a happy camper?

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