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I Don’t Like Pink! is a storybook app I wrote and illustrated about a little girl named Gabi who eagerly opens a gift she receives from her grandma. It’s a pink t-shirt–but oh no! Gabi doesn’t like the color pink. At all!

Released by PicPocket Books,  a prominent publisher of children’s book apps in the U.S., I Don’t Like Pink! explores what happens when a little girl doesn’t like the color traditionally associated with princesses, cotton candy and fashion dolls. The story features a strong-willed young lady named Gabi who isn’t shy about expressing her displeasure with a gift she receives from her grandmother. A visit from a friend right after the present is opened provides an unexpected resolution to the problem, and a fresh take on the meaning of gift appreciation.

Here’s what others have had to say about the app:

“…features original music and delightful narration by the author herself…a short but sweet little book with a well-crafted story and nice educational content that is both relevant and engaging for youngsters.”Digital Storytime

“This cute and entertaining iPad app is an eBook that examines and talks about one common stereotype, along with dealing with gifts your child might receive but not entirely like…The cartoon illustrations are fun and engaging. Their bold colors and easy-to-relate to details caught and kept our ‘tiny testers’ attention as the eBook was read to them by the author.”Apps for iPads

We also liked the moral of the story where although Gabi is strong minded she is respectful…The book app offers a great opening to kids discussion,  a great lesson on how to be true to yourself and show a way to use creative problem solving.” Fun Educational Apps

“The illustrations that accompany I Don’t Like Pink are big, bright and bold… It’s fun to watch Gabi and Ben’s faces as they work their way through the problem of the troublesome pink t-shirt. I quite enjoyed the solution the friends came up with…At the end of the story you’ll find several screens of discussion questions for parents and children. This is a nice addition.”The iPhone Mom

“The I Don’t Like Pink storybook app presents relatable characters that demonstrate to young children the importance of positive friendships, understanding others, and graciousness with undesired gifts. Great addition to your digital library.”Apps4Moms

I Don’t Like Pink! is a full-color, interactive storybook app that features original music, subtle animation that follows the story, and a professionally recorded voiceover by yours truly. The app is optimized for iPad and iPhone and priced at $1.99 (iPad) and 99¢ (iPhone). Get yours today!

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