Checking Out E-Books From the Library

I’m sure there are many of you out there who are so entrenched on the cutting edge of technology that this  post will seem quaint and cute. However, today’s missive is for the vast majority of you out there who haven’t done this yet: check out an e-book from your local library. I did this for the first time the other day and it was so easy and amazing, I just had to share.

I had a vague sense that this service was available from our county library, but hadn’t yet tried it when I came across an article in the Wall Street Journal by Katherine Boehret (one of the Journal’s technology writers).

There is a video which goes into the pros and cons of doing this, but the accompanying article actually walks you through the easy steps of checking out e-books. Basically, you:

  1. Download the OverDrive app to your device
  2. Search for a participating local library by entering your zip code
  3. Set up your account by entering in your library card number and email address
  4. Browse for books and check availability of what you’re looking for
  5. Check the book(s) out–as Ms. Boehret mentions, you’ll need an Adobe ID for this step
  6. Read and enjoy (for FREE!) without worrying about having to return it–after the check out period is over, the book will simply expire and no longer be accessible on your device

Here’s a helpful tutorial video from a library in Ohio which is using it:

Now you can be on the cutting edge too!

Chime in!

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