Apps I Like: One Little Boy

As I’ve mentioned previously, I have a bunch of interactive stories installed on my iPod Touch. Many contain delightful stories, lovely artwork or amusing interactivity. Very few contain all three, like those available from Touchoo.

One Little Boy was the first story app I encountered that successfully married all three elements, in a way that makes the child part of the narrative. This book is aimed at toddlers/preschoolers and features a simple plot, that of a little boy taking a walk and encountering friends along the way. What impresses me is that the app teaches numbers (by counting the group of wanderers) by allowing the user to place the characters themselves on the page. See this demonstrated on the One Little Boy app trailer here:

Of course, each of the characters has its own sound effect too, adding to the fun. And the clear, high-quality voice-over is icing on the cake. The book features a cute surprise ending, which will delight kids as well as their parents.

At $1.99, One Little Boy is an excellent value. Here’s the iTunes link.

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