Playtime for Kids

I’m part of the Moms With Apps development group, which is a great resource for sharing ideas with other folks committed to creating family-friendly interactive apps. This week there is a very insightful post on the site by Esa Helttula of iDevBooks about the importance of allowing unstructured free play time for kids.

Also mentioned in the article is a reference to a Newsweek piece from a few months ago about the decline of creative thinking in America.

The article discusses real problems that need real solutions. However, about a year ago (at age 4) my oldest daughter completed an interesting self-portrait and I asked her to explain what she’d created. She replied, “It’s a picture of me flying out of a slingshot, Mama!”

Somehow I sleep a little easier when I know that kind of thinking goes on in my house.

One response to “Playtime for Kids

  1. Hi Brook,

    I love how our children’s brains constantly come up with ways that delight and inspire us in ways that our adult brains struggle with.

    One of the biggest things I’m struggling with is working out how to fix this problem – a child in preschool usually dive into a creative task with no concerns – the same child in early elementary school somehow divides into the same “I can do that”, or “I can’t do that” mindset. What happened in between? What happened to their confidence in their creativity and their confidence in problem solving using their imagination?

    Recently, I discovered Barney Saltzberg new wonderful treasure: “Beautiful Oops”. Check it out in light of the “lightbulbs” going off in your household. (-:

    I’m buying lots of them for gifts this December for friends young and old. I only hope that my adult friends can read this book and see the bigger picture.

    Great web redesign BTW – anf thank you for joing momswithapps!

    – Ian

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